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Israel, perfectly located at the fulcrum of Europe, Asia and Africa, is a world-class destination for sophisticated travelers. Israel offers cultural attractions on a par with Europe and the U.S., luxury hotels, glamorous spas and a hot restaurant scene - all within an atmosphere that combines the very ancient with the ultra high-tech, and the exotic with the contemporary.

In addition to world-class Israeli hotels and hotel-chains, almost every international hotel chain is represented. Two hotels and restaurants are members of the prestigious Relais and Chateaux organization. Israel has a network of international-standard spa resorts in the Galilee, at the Dead Sea and at Eilat.

Israel - a country no bigger than Wales - has an international standard Opera Company (The New Israeli Opera) ,four full-time symphony orchestras (including the Israel Philharmonic, founded in 1936), as well as dozens of theater, dance, chamber music and contemporary music companies. Israel's club scene - particularly in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem - is part of the Ibiza-Amsterdam-London scene, drawing DJ's and club fans from the U.S. and Europe to all-night parties.

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Jerusalem Hotels

Jerusalem, resting in the Judean Hills, provides the tourist with both a breathtaking and spiritual experience never to be forgotten. Steeped in history for the world's three main religions, visitors to Jerusalem attest to its uniqueness, and an ambience that sets it aside from every other city on earth.


Eilat Hotels

Eilat is also a paradise for watersports fans with diving, water skiing, swimming and boating. The Red Sea’s clear blue water is enticingly warm - even in mid-winter the average daytime water temperature stays above 68F° (20 C°). There are also luxury hotels, fine restaurants, bars, pubs, nightclubs, an international airport and VAT-free shopping (the city is a free trade zone).


Tel Aviv Hotels

With its sidewalk cafes, fine museums, lovely parks and beaches, concert halls and theaters, elegant restaurants, chic shopping malls and boutiques, Tel Aviv was made for strolling and browsing. You can walk for miles along the beachfront promenade from the north of the city down to Jaffa, passing Tel Aviv’s luxury hotels and the striking new Opera Tower shopping and entertainment center.


Dead Sea Hotels

Experience the breathtaking beauty of The Dead Sea area, with its wonderful nature reserve hikes, flowing streams and waterfalls, unique health enhancing properties, first class hotels, convention and recreational facilities and of course the experience of The Dead Sea itself. Even in the middle of winter, the Jerusalem tourist can jump in the car, and within 40 minutes, they hit the Dead Sea in all its splendor.


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